This blog presents the artwork of Jack Couvela. Jack pretty much lives on Twitter so you should probably go find him there too.


If you found yourself here by following my cunningly disguised QR code in Sugar Glider #2 then please say hello in the comments, it would be good to know if anyone spotted it.

This here's been a nice job. A poster to advertise the imminent release of Sugar Glider Stories #2, an anthology to which I've contributed a few panels.

Everything in the first image is mine, while the photos surrounding our tormented heroine in the final image are drawn by some of the other contributing artists.


Going anti-clockwise from top left, they are StaticGirl, Michael Smith, Gavin Mitchell, Dinobot, Kevin 'Gio' Logue and Sara Dunkerton. Most of the other smaller panels come from the inimitable Messrs Gary Bainbridge and Lee Robinson.

If you want to know what's got our girl so shaken up, you'll just have to get your hands on Sugar Glider #2, which is on sale now here and here.


Samarcand said...

I got here using the QR code in Sugar Glider Stories 2. I really enjoyed it and thought your contribution was excellent. Thanks!

Jack said...

Hooray I'm glad someone did! And thanks very much.