This blog presents the artwork of Jack Couvela. Jack pretty much lives on Twitter so you should probably go find him there too.


Little side project. Really enjoyed modelling, lighting and rendering this.


I had a great time revisiting Dredd so I thought I'd have a go at another all time favourite and loved it. As with Dredd, all done on iPad Pro using Apple Pencil and Procreate.


Thoroughly inspired by a fantastic 40th birthday bash for 2000AD in Hammersmith last week, an incredible exhibition of original art at London's Cartoon Museum as well as today's anniversary prog, I couldn't resist stretching my old Dredd muscles.

Happy birthday Joe, you old bastard!


So I thought if Trump and his cronies are going to dismiss us all as paid protestors then the least we can do is look professional. I therefore provide these designs as a gift - please feel free to use them any way you like.

I recommend finding someone like this to print them at 60cm x 130cm on 4mm fluted Correx board and then wave them about in the general direction of authority until either DJT is impeached or we all die a slow, agonising death from radiation poisoning.

Oh, and please send me photos of you doing it!


Here's me, sticking it to the man.


I drew this one to print and frame as a Christmas gift for family. I only had a small photo as reference so I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. The song in the video is something George would sing to his wife Dolly, especially if he'd had a few jars :)


Couldn't resist a little fan art for Rogue One, I just hope the film deserves it! Really enjoyed working on this so included some progress shots as well as a video, hope you like them.


Work-in-progress ProCreate project - a tribute to the amazing Pacino film. Started this a while back and lost momentum...

Hoping that posting it here will shame me into getting it finished!

Here's the time lapse so far:


So a few months ago I got myself an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, a great little app called ProCreate and I joined a local life drawing group called Bolbec. Here's some of the results so far from various 30 and 60 minute poses.


One great feature of ProCreate is the time lapse replay...


Grow Home is available on PlayStation 4 today!
This game is very special to me. As the only dedicated artist on the tiny dev team, I have a sense of ownership that I've rarely felt in 18 years of making games. Since it was released on PC six months ago we've had some amazing reviews, 94% positive user reviews on Steam, countless Let's Play videos, nominated for two awards, won a public vote on PlayStation Plus and featured in the Game On 2.0 exhibition, the largest collection of playable computer games in the world.

All of the screenshots and promo images here and every art asset in them were created by me apart from Spencer's brilliant dodo bird, thanks mate!

So tell everyone you know they should give our game a try, especially PlayStation Plus subscribers who can get it FREE this month!


Finally showing off some of the character design work I did for a game called The Crew. I moved on a while before it was finished so some designs evolved a little after I had them, some changed completely. 

You can see how they all looked in the final game here. But before anyone asks I had nothing to do with the 'beard and glasses' look for the main character, in spite of our... similarities!


Every once in a while a game comes out with my name on, but this is nothing like anything I've worked on before. Tiny team, tiny budget and for the first time ever not a tarmac texture in sight. This is by far my most personal project and the most invested I've been in my professional life.

It's more than a little weird, it's definitely a bit of an experiment and even if no-one buys it I love it to tiny pieces. It's called GROW HOME and you can buy it right here starting tomorrow.


To celebrate the imminent release of the final issue of Sugar Glider, Daniel and Gary have launched a competition to design a cover.

This is my entry - a fond farewell to Susie and her Novocastrian antics!