This blog presents the artwork of Jack Couvela. Jack pretty much lives on Twitter so you should probably go find him there too.


Grow Home is available on PlayStation 4 today!
This game is very special to me. As the only dedicated artist on the tiny dev team, I have a sense of ownership that I've rarely felt in 18 years of making games. Since it was released on PC six months ago we've had some amazing reviews, 94% positive user reviews on Steam, countless Let's Play videos, nominated for two awards, won a public vote on PlayStation Plus and featured in the Game On 2.0 exhibition, the largest collection of playable computer games in the world.

All of the screenshots and promo images here and every art asset in them were created by me apart from Spencer's brilliant dodo bird, thanks mate!

So tell everyone you know they should give our game a try, especially PlayStation Plus subscribers who can get it FREE this month!

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Jan Swidan said...

Fantastic work on Grow Home! Absolutely loved it!