This blog presents the artwork of Jack Couvela. Jack pretty much lives on Twitter so you should probably go find him there too.


Last year I met a chap on Twitter called Kehaar through a mutual love of comics and mutual friend Daniel Clifford. We got very excited about creating a web comic together. A comic called...

I threw in a busty female lead and Kehaar added a seventies Blackpool setting, middle east/genie based super powers and obscure British military backstories for every single character.

I put together a logo and some character designs while Kehaar devised the plot. I roughed out the first six page chapter as well as the opening splash page for chapter two.

And then as it often does, life just got in the way. In spite of huge enthusiasm, grand ambitions and a hasty URL purchase, neither of us have touched the project for nine months and it seems unlikely that we ever will again. So for what it's worth I'm posting what we came up with here. I really enjoyed these layouts and love the concept of one endless vertical comic page.


If you like what you see you can find Kehaar's blog and original Scarlet Buccaneer character and plot notes here. He also has a podcast you can catch up on here.

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